We're so focused on how we feel about other people's behaviour

That we allow ourselves to become fixated on all the things we don't like.
Our reactions create barriers between us - hurting the relationships
that mean the most to us one outburst at a time.

Does This Sound Like You?

You Feel Unseen & Unheard

Have you had a day where you found yourself yelling and screaming at the people in your life, and you thought, "This isn't me! I don't want to do this."

But you feel unseen. You feel like no one understands you. It's like no one will listen unless you raise your voice and yell.

Then you hate the person you've become.

You Feel Guilty & Dout Your Own Worth

Have you had one of those days where honestly, you just wish they would disappear.

Then you feel guilty because you want them to go away.

Yes, you want to love 'em, but you feel like every day, it's this never ending story.

Not being enough, not being calm enough, not being connected enough, not having enough emotional support and resilience.

You Feel Like Giving Up

You finally get things working with your husband, and your kids fall apart. Then you get things with your kids working and everything with your husband falls apart.

Let's not forget the weeks where it's not working with your husband, it's not working with your kids, and you want to quit.

Sound familiar?

The Power Of Connection

This simple coaching program will allow you, in roughly 30 minutes per day, to build the skills and tools you need to be your best self, most of the time, and absolutely love the person you're becoming.

Power Of Connection

What happens on a discovery call?

Our call takes place on zoom. A call typically lasts up to half an hour. During this time we get to know each other.

I ask you questions about your goals, what you really want in life, and what you want to get out of our program.

You are given an opportunity to ask questions about our program. This means you're able to make a fully informed decision about whether our program provides what you want.

There is no obligation to purchase if you get on a discovery call. You may decide the program isn't right. It's also possible I may decide the program won't fit your needs at this time.

If you decide to join our program, I'll send you a payment link. After payment has been processed, you'll receive an email with information to access our program and resources.

If you decide not to join our program, I'll ask you a couple questions related to that choice. This allows me to understand unmet needs and may influence future programming. You will also be invited to join the free Hey! Lemonade community.

If the program isn't right for you, there will be no pressure to purchase.

Thank you for scheduling a call, I look forward to getting to know you.

Beta Offer

Beta Price Availble Until Jan 2, 2022

I believe true connection is easier if we're transparent about where we're at, what we offer, and what we expect.

I want to help you love the person you are while you strengthen the connections in your life. I want you to feel confident, even when things don't go according to plan. I want you to feel excited by the possibilities in your life.

I share my prices because you have enough on your plate without having to guess at how much this program costs before getting on the discovery call.

About Us

We are a transformative platform for the coaching industry. Whether you're a coach, looking for a coach, or just lookin', we invite you to our online community, database, and programs to conenct, discover, and have fun.

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