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Hey! Lemonade is a social media platform designed to help people connect and strengthen relationships.

We’re also a coach directory & sales platform that allows clients to connect with coaches and get to know what’s possible in their own lives.

When we work with clients, we offer a combination of coaching, consulting, and education. Pure coaching would prevent us from offering information that’d support our clients as they transform their possibilities into reality. Combining consultings education, and coaching allows us to provide custom experiences even within our group programs.

Creating an account allows people to connect more fully while also allowing a degree of privacy. 


It’s complicated. I mean life. Life’s complicated. But sometimes, despite how messy the world is, if we sit down on the front porch, and share a glass of lemonade, we discover we’re not alone. The world feels just a little less complicated, we feel a little bit more hopeful, and life is just a little bit sweeter than it was before.

Lemonade social media is the front porch the world needs.

A coach directory is like the white pages of old. It’s a place where businesses can list their services and be found by those who want what they offer.

Unlike those old white pages, we offer coaches an opportunity to share so much more about who they are and what they offer. This means potential clients get to really know a coach before they decide who to work with.

About Hey! Lemonade

We believe in the transformative power of connection and community as a way of moving from the past into a sweeter future full of possibilities. 

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