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Navigating Platform

Sarah Langner February 26, 2022

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Menu Types & Locations

Pop Out Menu

You can find the pop Out menu on the left of the screen. Tap the 3 lines at the top and the menu will open up.

On the front end of the site, the pop out menu links to:

  • News Feed – Global
  • Timeline – Personal
  • My Courses – these are the courses you’re in, including the ones you’ve created.
  • Course Creator – this is only visible if you have an Coach Profile
  • Groups – this is where you’ll find your groups
  • Listings – this is where you’ll find your business as well as events or courses linked to your business.
  • Messages – these are messages sent within the Lemonade social platform, not the ones sent as emails.
  • Forums – list of discussion forums

Profile Menu

The profile menu is found on the top right of the screen, next to your name and avatar image.

You’ll find links to:

  • Profile
  • Account
  • Notifications
  • Course Creator
  • Course Report Dashboard

Course Creator Menu

When you click ‘Course Creator’ in either the drop down profile menu or the pop out menu on the left of the screen, this is the screen you come to.

This is the back end of the site where you can create & edit your courses.

The Overview tab at the top quickly shows you the basic stats related to your courses.

A more in-depth look can be found at the ‘Reporting Dashboard’

*Please note* If you’re on a phone, then you’ll need to type in the URL to go back to the front end of the site. For some reason the phone doesn’t display the top menu that navigates back to the front end. Once the app is live, then you’ll be able to see the front end from the app while you edit in the browser.

Reporting Dashboard

Your Reporting Dashboard gives you insight into revenue earned, courses, learners, as well as student progress.