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Create Course Outline

Sarah Langner February 26, 2022

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Navigate to Course Creator

Once in the Course Creator, select ‘Courses’.

Any existing courses will be displayed in the list. To edit an existing course front page, click on the course. To edit an existing lesson, or other section, click on the specific section you’d like to edit.

Course Builder

Add New Course

To add a new course select the ‘Add New‘ button in the top right. This will launch the course builder.

The course builder walks you through creating the outline for your course as well as the sign-up page.

Everything you add in the course builder is visible to anyone on the front end (unless you create a hidden course).

After you finish creating the outline with the course builder, then you’ll add the content to each individual section by navigating to the appropriate tabs.

Backend Vs Front End

Everything added while in the ‘Course Builder’ is basically your sign-up page.

As you click through each step, creating lessons, topics, quizzes, assignments or certificates, you’ll create the list of what’s available for those who enrolled in your course.

Create Outline

The course builder walks you through adding Titles for each lesson, as well as topics, quizzes, and certificates.

Once you’re done adding all your desired titles for each section, then click Continue on the bottom right of the screen.

This brings you to the next step in the builder.


When you first navigate to settings, you see ‘Course Materials’. This is where you can list the materials your course includes. If students require materials that aren’t included, you could list those here as well.

The second image shows what it looks like on the front end.

In the settings, you can hover over the little ‘?’ that’s to the left of the section. Those question marks offer user hints to help you understand each section.

If there’s no question mark, then hover over the selector. The tooltip hint will display there.

Settings is where you will set the parameters of the course.

You can set your course to be dripped to enrolees at set intervals. If you have your course set to ‘Linear’ access, then you can set the specific intervals in the ‘Lessons’ section.


Hosted and Motivated Coaches have the opportunity to add groups. If they have groups, then they can connect their course to their group. This allows them to create different levels of access to their course.

For instance a group can have instant access to a course, but anyone not in the group would need to pay for the course.