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In order to link your courses, business, and Hey! Lemonade social media profile you need to create a business listing.

This listing works as a doorway for clients to get to know you, discover what you offer, and for you to share what your business is currently doing.

This video (coming soon) walks you through the process of creating your business listing.

Step By Step Instructions You Can Follow To Add A Business Listing

If you aren’t signed in, or haven’t already created a profile, you will need to do so prior to adding your business.

Once you’re signed in, follow the steps below.

Please keep in mind, you can edit your listing after you submit. This means you can create a short listing now, and update it later.

Navigate To “Add Coach Business

You can find ‘Add Coach Business’ in the top menu. If your browser has shortened themes, click the 3 dots in order to open the drop down menu.

On a phone this top menu moves to the left side in the pop out menu.

Add Coach Business Page

First, select your package level.

For details about each listing, please see our pricing page.

Fill in the rest of your details following the titles and prompts on each input area.

Unclaimed Coach Business

If this is what you see, then your business listing will have limited functionality. It will act as a placeholder, but will limit how clients can reach you. If you are the owner of the business, then please choose a different option.

Add your email…

Adding your email allows clients to contact you directly. Without your email, clients are more limited in how they can reach you.

Duplicate Listing

If you receive a warning that this is a duplicate listing, then take a moment and search for your business. It’s possible someone else already added your business.

This can happen if one of our team members added a basic listing for you already, or if someone else added your business for some reason.

It’s optional to add your price…

Many clients like to have an idea of what price range a coach charges. But many coaches like to keep that information private until after they hop on a call. It’s up to you what you share.

Services, description, and clients. Oh, my!

Paid listing levels have extra visual editing options in the description areas. Paid listing levels are able to add more words to their listings as well.

This is where you make your listing stand out, and reflect you and your business.

Add your logo and images.

Logo and images are displayed in different places on your page. If you put your logo in the ‘images’ area, it may appear distorted.

If you do not see a place to add images, then scroll back up tot he top of the add business form and be sure that you’ve selected a claimed business listing.


After you’ve filled out your information, you can preview your listing, and click submit.

You can edit from your listing page. You’ll see an ‘edit’ button on the left hand side of your listing, under the header image.

Edit Your Listing