Coaching For Coaches


Coaching is a dynamic relationship between the coach and coachee that allows the coachee to explore and develop self-awareness in order to take value-driven action. 

Our community offers a variety of coaching options based on the type and level of support you feel will be most valuable to you.

Self Directed Coaching

Self-directed coaching allows the opportunity for deeper exploration and clarity. This allows us to be better prepared for live coaching, which in turn allows us greater benefit from the coaching we receive.

Examples of self-directed coaching include, but aren’t limited to, courses, workbooks, videos, and discussions.

Self-directed coaching is included for all coaches in all levels of our community.

Group Coaching

Each member of our coaching community has access to some group coaching. 

  1. Community Support 

    This level has access to prerecorded coaching videos as well as workbooks. 

  2. Platform Support

    At this level we offer a live zoom call each month that combines coaching and some education or structured dialogue related to a specific business  or coaching topic. 

  3. Knowledge Support

    Weekly live calls via zoom offer coaching, education, and guest experts. 

1:1 Coaching

When you find yourself stuck and unsure what you’re missing in order to move forward a 1:1 coaching session can make the difference between stagnation and exponential growth. 

Members of our community can access 1:1 coaching a few different ways. 

  1. Coach exchange between members
  2. Hiring a coach you connect with in our community
  3. Working with a Hey! Lemonade Certified Coach

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