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Hey! Lemonade believes in the transformative power of connection and community as a way of moving from the past into a sweeter future full of possibilities. 


We strengthen connection when we’re open and honest about where we’re at, where we struggle, and where we dream of growing.


We all have the same goal. Grow our businesses so we can support ourselves, and our families. And we all want to make a positive impact on the people we work with. Community helps us reach those goals faster and easier.


I screamed the entire time I rode a class 5 coaster for the first time. Now I love them! Entrepreneurship is just like that. Even though I screamed the entire time, I had a blast because I had amazing friends right beside me. If I crashed and burned, at least I wasn’t alone. 

Less Stress

with the power of community

If you’ve ever opened up in an entrepreneur group about your business struggles only to have someone tell you the answer you seek is to raise your prices and believe in yourself, then you know how frustrating it can be to find authentic connection in business groups. Community is different. Community knows that sometimes the answer is a missing word, phrase, or message.

community support encourages growth


Informational Support

What do you need to learn in order to get to the next step? Do you know what the next step is? Informational support are the facts and knowledge we get from outside ourselves.


Functional Support

What services do you need in order to be successful right now? Next week? Next month? Functional support is external support in the form of goods and services. 


Emotional Support

There are times we need someone to listen to us, to fully hear & see us right where we are in the moment. We don’t want someone to tell us to move on, get over it, or change our mindset. Emotional support holds space while we process.


Appraisal Support

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but sometimes we really do need a shift in our mindset. Appraisal support leads to self-reflection. It helps us grow so we can turn our possibilities into reality. 

Our happy community members

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Launch, engage, scale with connection and community leading the way.

Monica Shin

Bright Cities On Mountains


“Sarah was a delight to work with. She is knowledgeable, a great listener but also good at nudging you when you need it. She was a wizard of sorting through the rambles to pull out the nuggets of gold and helping me focus on those and formulate plans. Would highly recommend!”


Member of Hey! Lemonade's Motivated Coaches


“Sarah, thank you so much for your calls and the heart that you put into guiding us! As I noted, I can’t honestly say I fully believed in my business proposal at first. Through the practices and framing up that we have been doing, I am getting a lot more confidence and even surprising myself!”

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