What Is Connection Coaching?

What is Connection Coaching?

We offer a multi-modal coaching experience so our clients can achieve the results they want.

What Is Connection?

Connection is what holds us together. It helps each of us become so much more than we could ever be on our own.

Lemons bring happiness all the time, but they're so much better if you add a little something else. Sugar on its own gives you a toothache. Sugar and lemon connected to water brings us laughter, joy, and lazy days in the sun.

Connection is when each person in the relationship feels seen & heard. We know we are valued and heard, and we don't even need to scream first.

Connection isn't only about the way we relate to others. Connection is also how we relate to ourselves. We know who we are, fully and completely. Even when we're alone in the dark, we feel like we belong.

Multimodal Coaching

Multimodal coaching is like the trail mix you eat with lemonade. There's a variety of options all in one bowl.

At Hey! Lemonade...

We make life sweeter.


Connection Coaching builds bridges between people, ideas, & ideologies. This looks a little different for each person. Sometimes it's education. Sometimes it's teaching new tools. Sometimes it's listening while you explore your own thoughts.

Always it's about creating connection and belonging.

Transitions can be hard to get through, and even harder to measure. One minute you can barely see what's coming, the next minute it's clear and obvious.

We make invisible people visible.


We offer education related to connection, communication, and the many different parts of each. This creates a foundation that's ready to support the growth our clients want to see.


In order to offer the best advice, we first assess where you are, where you want to go, and discover where the gaps exist. Then we create a custom plan.


Coaching is like focusing the numbers on a connect the dot puzzle. You have the dots, you have the pen, we help you see where to start, and give you the tools so you can see what you've already got.

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