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Hey coaches!

Would you like more clients?

Ha! Of course you want more clients! Not only do you want more clients, you want more warm clients. No one, not the coach, not the prospect, wants coaches sliding into DMs

We offer a different solution.

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Building a business is about so much more than strategy.

Sure, you need a certain amount of strategy to be fully successful. But all the strategy in the world doesn't help if you don't feel connected to what you do and who you serve.

All the clients in the world can't help you feel like someone else really understands where you're at.

Being a part of our directory

gives you another avenue of exposure, but more importantly we give you a community

Community supports each other, builds each other, and offers more opportunity to grow.
Community and belonging go hand in hand. Here we create the opportunity to belong with a group of people who support each through the many ups and downs we experience as business owners and coaches.
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Professional Development

We offer monthly packages that offer a variety of development opportunities

Our community is a place where coaches can really share who they are in a way that helps them build their confidence and create a community of supportive peers while also building their business.


Paid packages coming soon

When user numbers and page views increase enough to be beneficial to directory members, I will open new package levels.

Verified Coach

A Verified Coach is our base paid directory level. This level offers increased profile options, as well as access to our Verified Coach Community

Authorship status on our blog

Larger word space on both business & coach bio

More Image slots available on your listing

Exclusive Connection Coaching content

Private community where you can share ideas & offer support to other coaches

Approved Coach

An Approved Coach package is available on acceptance following an interview process. This package includes a Hey! Lemonade seal of approval.

Everything included in the 'Verified' package level

Live group calls focused on craft development

Business listing badge that improves search weight

Connection Coaching content exclusive for Approved Coaches

Private Hey! Lemonade community with guided discussion forums

Hey! Lemonade Certified Coach

In order to become a Hey! Lemonade Certified Coach a coach needs to go through our training program.

Everything included in the 'Approved' package level

Practicum opportunities to gain confidence 

Business building workshops

Promoted listing status in the directory

Hey! Lemonade Certified Coach badge to use on your own website

Guidance & support while you develop your own program

Join Our Directory Now

Belong to the best coaching community

You'll be surrounded by friends who know what it's like to be a coach. They know what it's like to have so much to offer, but not be certain how to get seen by the right people. You can belong to a community based on authenticity, vulnerability, and mutual support. You can transform your own possibilities into reality and create the impact you know you're capable of making in the world.


I look forward to getting to know you and learning about your business.

After you add your business to our directory, watch for an email with information about joining our private groups. At this time these emails seem to be getting sent to spam folders. As I try o change that, please be sure to check your spam folder as well as your inbox.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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