Hey! We're Lemonade

We make life a little bit sweeter

Lemonade brings us back to the lazy days of summer when we played in the front yard with all the kids. Parents sat on the front porch talking and enjoying the company of their friends and neighbours.

A little sweetness connects strangers, apologizes for mistakes, and forms friendships. A little extra sweetness makes life more enjoyable.

Like turning lemons into lemonade, we transform possibilities into reality. Hey! We're Lemonade. It's nice to meet you.


We envision a sweeter future where people are more connected, compassionate, & joyful.


We believe in the transformative power of connection & community, to move away from the past into a sweeter future full of possibilities.


We are a transformative digital platform, community, and service for coaches and people looking for coaches, to connect, discover, and have fun. We're making life a little bit sweeter.

Sarah Langner

Owner, Coach, & Connection Consultant

Sarah knows what it's like to feel disconnected and believe no one cares. But she wasn’t willing to accept that fate. For the previous 20 years she's devoted her life to learning about connection, communication, attachment, and all that falls under those categories. Then, at the age of 40 she was diagnosed with autism and ADHD. Suddenly the whole non-verbal thing and her inability to maintain friendships made so much sense!

She's still weird. Still has a hard time looking people in the eyes, and still has an unnatural obsession about Disney World, but she understands how and why people disconnect - as well as how to reconnect. And she’s created a community founded on connection, compassion, and fun.


Sarah Langner
Attachment Parenting
Registered Nurse
Solution Focused
Coach Diploma

Evidence Based Practice

Our work is continuously modified & improved based on feedback from our clients as well as new research and evidence from related fields.

We believe that excellence is more important than perfection. This means we strive to always offer our best while also paying attention to how & where we can improve.

This is why we offer all clients of our signature program lifetime access to the program. This way you always have access to the updated program and can benefit from our growth.


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