We're Lemonade

We're a transformative platform for the coaching industry. Whether you're a coach, or looking for a coach, we invite you to our digital community, directory, and programs to connect, discover and have fun.

Like turning lemons into lemonade, we transform possibilities into reality. Hey! We're Lemonade. It's nice to meet you.

What community means to us

We envision a sweeter future where people are more connected, compassionate, and joyful. 

Community transforms life’s hard moments into softer moments. Community transforms happy events into joyful events. Community transforms a good meme into a great meme. 

In a world that’s divided and people feel lonely, community moves us out of that past into a brighter future full of possibilities: Improved mental, physical, and emotional health. Stronger connections, better relationships, greater job satisfaction, and belonging.

Our Community

Community comes in many shapes and sizes, but they all share certain traits that separate them from groups. Community invites connection, encourages growth, creates space for vulnerability, and strives to lift each other along the way. True community creates a space for belonging. 

Why do you need to choose Hey! Lemonade as your community?

Hey! Lemonade is both a place and a tool. We know people do better when they belong to interconnected communities. For this reason we provide you with both a community you belong to as well as the tools and resources you need to create, nurture, and grow your own communities. 

Human Team

Algorithms have a purpose, but are incapable of fostering community. For this reason our team is made of real people.

Connection Not Comfort

Connection is born from authentic vulnerability. That isn't comfortable. But the results feel so much better than comfort can ever offer.

Ad Free

There's a time and place for ads, our community is not that place.

*You may see ads on non-community pages

Sarah Langner CEO of Hey! Lemonade

Sarah wants to live in a world where everyone feels like they belong. 

While creating Hey! Lemonade, Sarah pulled upon her experience as an RN, parenting mentor, community builder, and connection coach to create a platform that gives people the tools and resources they need in order to strengthen the relationships that matter to them. 

Her work as a connection coach focuses on how the flow state strengths relationships and brings families closer together. 

When she’s not working, you can find her in the garden, playing with her children,  creating something, or at Disney World. If she’s lucky, she’ll be creating something with her children, at one of the gardens in Disney World. 

Our free community offers an opportunity to talk about what matters, learn about connection, and build belonging in your life.

Through acceptance and dialogue we’re able to learn and grow far faster, and more enjoyably, than silence, censorship, blame, or shame. If you’re ready to be seen & heard, then come on over.