A Community
For People To Connect

We’re a transformative platform for the coaching industry. Whether you’re a coach, or looking for a coach, we invite you to our online community, directory, and programming to connect, discover, and have fun.

The benefits
of community


Belonging feels like being accepted for who you are while also being part of something bigger than yourself.

Physical Health

Improved physical health as a result of decreased heart rate, decreased blood pressure, decreased cortisol levels, decreased illness.

Mental Health

Improved mental health due to increased sense of control over life, decreased anxiety, and increased sense of personal and social esteem.

Emotional Health

Improved over all mood, increased ability to regulate emotions, decreased effort required for emotional labour.


Confidence improves when we have authentic, and appropriately vulnerable, connection with others.


We gain both tangible resources, such as borrowing a cup of sugar, and intangible resources, such as emotional support.

How do you fit
into our community?

Coaches offer support that encourages growth vs stagnation. Coaches benefit from our community by feeling more capable and confident. We offer the kind of support that acknowledges the hard parts of life without focusing on those edges. 


Our community offers grace to those who find themselves struggling in their parenting journey. We don’t offer false praise; we celebrate your real wins. This allows you to both be open about where you’re at while also moving toward where you want to be. 


If you want to strengthen any relationship, then this is the place for you. Whether you want to strengthen your romantic relationships, friendships, work relationships, or your relationship with yourself, then this is the place for you. 


Managers balance the needs of their companies, departments with the needs of their people as well as the needs of their customers. Discovering the ways in which connection and community benefit your workplace increases your bottom line. 

Be part of a growing community

“Sarah's ability to create and manage groups is of a rare kind. She is able to bring forth new ideas and hold space for the discovery and innovation within the group through multifaceted discussions.”